Cancellations and Refunds | ODASCUBA | Honolulu, Hawaii


All sales on merchandise are final.  No exchanges or refunds.  This includes retail merchandise and/or any education materials sold as part of a scuba diving course.



Cancellation of scuba diving tours must be made at least 36 hours before the time of the departure. Any cancellation made within 36 hours of departure will not be refunded.


Cancellation of scuba class must be made within one week of purchase.  Any cancellation made after one week of purchase or 48 hours prior to the start of class (when a purchase is made in less than one week of the start of class, for example, when a class will start one or two days after the purchase date) will not be refunded.  Additionally, activation of an e-Learning course, use of academic materials, attendance of a class or orientation by a student / customer is considered initiation of a scuba course; and thereby no refund will be granted.  No refund will be given to customers on grounds of personal incompetence, lack of motivation, or dissatisfaction of the dive tour or class to whit they are a part of.


O.D.A. will do everything possible to avoid having to cancel or postpone any of our dive tours and courses. There are a few times when this will be unavoidable.  Weather postponements: if we feel that a dive tour or class needs to be re-booked or postponed to a later date or time of the day, you will be given the option to reschedule your dive tour or class at a later date or time.   If a training class needs to be re-booked or postponed due to poor weather conditions, you may be notified ahead of time.  In which case you will be able to attend a class at a later date.


Insufficient attendance: O.D.A. reserves the right to cancel any course date if there is less than 4 students taking the class on such date. If this happens O.D.A.will give no less than 1 days’ notice of the change. We will then do our best to help out anyone that has been inconvenienced by the change.  Additionally, O.D.A. reserves the right to not teach, to not provide service, and to cancel any scuba diving training before or during the course or diving tour if we feel the student or customer’s behavior, physical or mental condition, or skill set is inadequate or inappropriate or unprofessional.  Students are expected to complete the course they signed up for within three months of registration.  Students who take more than three months to complete their class will be given up to one year to complete it.

All students are required to make class arrangements with O.D.A.’s staff members.  Once a scheduled date has been made, student(s) are required to attend.  All cancellations of any class must be made 46 hours prior to the time and date of the class.  Absences or cancellations made within 48 hours of a class will require student(s) to pay $75.00 for the cancellation in order to continue on in the course; unless he or she provides a doctor’s note (in the case of illness or injury) or proof of an accident that prevented him or her from attending.


Customers are required to provide a copy of their I.D., an emergency contact information, a signed medical and waiver form, full payment for the course or diving tour prior to training and all diving excursions.  Customers who booked diving tours are required to watch any safety videos such as the PADI “Discover Scuba Diving” video one day prior to diving.  If a customer has payed but refuses or cannot show up to view a safety video or does not provide the documentation required, O.D.A. reserves the right to cancel the dive tour at the expense of the customer.  Similarly, if a customer taking a scuba diving class does not provide the aforementioned documentation and has not watched any required videos or completed the academic sections required for each segment of training, our instructors reserve the right to fail the student or refrain from continuing to train such student until he or she has completed the required work.


Customers are responsible for any gear rented from O.D.A. and for any gear borrowed from O.D.A. during Diving Tours and Certifications Courses.  Customers understand they are responsible for cleaning all scuba gear with fresh water after using it for diving tours or scuba training and may be charged $10 for any gear that has not been cleaned and is returned to our store.  Customer’s understand they will pay the full retail cost of any item while in their custody that becomes lost, broken, or stolen regardless of the circumstances.