Skin Diving Instructor

Why Become a NAUI Skin Diving Instructor?  

If you’d like to work as a professional in the aquatics field organizing your own courses, issuing certifications and conducting open water skin dives, becoming a Skin Diving Instructor will help you achieve this dream.  The Skin Diving Instructor is a leadership level certification course  designed to train and qualify persons to issue certifications in skin (breath-hold) diving.   Graduates of this course will be able to effectively teach individuals, schools, camps, or similar groups to enjoy skin diving safely.  Because of the growing popularity of snorkeling and skin diving, this may gain you substantial financial rewards.  Skin Diving Instructors can also team-teach with with Scuba Instructors, offering the skin diving portion of a Scuba Diver class. 


Certification/Experience/ Knowledge

• Be at least 18 years of age prior to the first day of training 

• Be certified as a Scuba Diver or Skin Diver

• Be  certified as a Rescue Scuba Diver or a lifeguard (in current standing)

• Be certified as a First Aid/ CPR/AED Provider within the past 24 months, and

• Be a certified Emergency  Oxygen Provider within the past 24 months


Forms. Students must fill out and submit a Statement of Understanding, a Medical Questionnaire, an Assumption of Risk and Liability, and Rental Agreement form.  These forms will be administered upon sign up.  (Students needing a medical clearance from a doctor will need to provide a doctor’s approval.) 

Dive referrals. Student must provide documentation of prior training in order to receive credit for previous Skin Diving Instructor training elsewhere.  The form must have the Dive Store’s name that you used, note the Instructor’s name, contact information, and note the skills that were completed. 

Identification.  Proof of identification is required for course registration.  

• Class tuition.  It is always best to book your reservation for a course in advance.  Tuition must be paid in full in order to begin classes.    

Skin Diving Course Pricing

Tuition $299.99
Equipment $300.00
Course Materials $300.00
Total Cost w/Hours of Training $899.99


Now that you’ve become a NAUI Skin Diving Instructor, consider taking on a new challenge by becoming a NAUI Scuba Instructor or a PFI Freediving Instructor.