Master Scuba Diver

Master Scuba Diver Course

Distinguish yourself as a leader among fellow divers. The Master Scuba Diver (MSD) rating places you in an elite and esoteric group of divers because everything you will learn as well as all of the skills you will implement during your transformation to becoming a MSD is ubiquitous to all facets of scuba diving, creating the bulwark for your scuba acumen.  Becoming a MSD is no easy challenge, and in fact only 3% of all scuba divers ever achieve this rating. Because the MSD course is challenging, this is why you should take it.  Now is the a great time to set new goals for yourself. Become a Master Scuba Diver.

 The Fun Part

The exciting part is learning new things, diving new places, making new friends, and rising to the challenges set by your scuba instructor.  Although your instructor will help you fine tune some of what you know, as a MSD candidate this is your time to prove your grit by showing your peers what you know.

 The Challenging Part

Your options for becoming a Master Scuba Diver are two-fold: One, take the PADI Master Scuba Diver Challenge; Two, take the NAUI Master Scuba Diver Course.  We offer both courses to our customers. The choice is yours.  Both paths are rewarding, but the requirements for satisfactorily completing them are somewhat different. Feel free to inquire at our sales office.

Signing Up

• Fill out and submit a training application, Medical Questionnaire, Assumption of Risk and Liability, and Rental Agreement forms – If the new diver answers “yes” to any condition on the form’s medical history section, the diver must receive medical approval prior to any in-water activities

• Be certified as an Open Water Scuba Diver

• Be at least 15 years old, 12 years old for Junior Open Water Scuba Divers

• 50 logged dives

• 15 years old

• Participate (as part of your class) in a scuba review session

* We highly recommend this course for anyone seeking admission into the Divemaster or Scuba Instructor course*


• Advanced Scuba Diver

• Rescue Scuba Diver

What You’ll Learn

Everybody knows that the greatest rewards in life come with sacrifice. In your case it comes with the rigor of doing something you love—scuba diving.  Together with a scuba instructor you will choose a few of the areas of scuba diving from the list down below for your academic and scuba diving activites.  Once you complete a minimum of five dive activities you will move on to graduate as a Master Scuba Diver.

• Shore Diving • Boat Diving • Dry Suit Diving
• Emergency O2 • Skin Diver Skills Practice • Scuba Diver Skills Practice
• Rescue Diver Skills Practice • Enriched Air Diving • Night Diving
• Neutral Buoyancy Skills Practice • Search & Recovery • Fish Identification
• Wreck Diving • Legacy Skills Practice • CPR & First Aid Practice
• Simulated Decompression Diving • Environmental Survey • Emergency Procedures & Rescue
• Hunting & Collecting • Underwater Naturalist • Adv.Underwater Navigation

Diving Equipment

By the time you’ve decided that you want to become a Master Scuba Diver you should already have all of your own gear.  To participate in the MSD you will additionally need to have

1) two dive lights

2) surface marker buoy,

3) 100’ finger spool

4) dive knife

5) slates to take notes on

 Your Next Adventure

Once you complete your Master Scuba Diver Certification, the way for you is up.  Consider taking a technical diving course or an instructor course.  Speak with your ODA Scuba Instructor to learn more about what you can do to add more excitement to your scuba life.