Scuba Diver Course


Scuba Diver Course

The Scuba Diver course is for people with little or no experience scuba diving. This course is designed to teach new divers the most important fundamentals of scuba diving and to prepare them for many underwater adventures to come. Once completed, newly certified scuba divers are qualified to go diving anytime, anywhere, and with other certified divers at all the exotic and fascinating sites imaginable. This certification is for life and is a valid and accepted at all dive shops and operations worldwide. 


How to Register for Class

The O.D.A. Scuba Store is proud to inform you that we are a licensed, affiliate-member of the National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI), founded 1959, and the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI), founded 1966.  If you’d like to take a course with us, please call the dive center directly, or you can book online as well.  Please be sure to confirm with our staff, upon registration, your goal in terms of certification (PADI or NAUI) so that you will be directed in the correct direction for educational materials. Otherwise you can take a cheap class with all of the other guys doing out of their vans like Kamaiana Divers, Living Ocean Scuba, Eco Divers, etc.  We are a real dive shop and school, not some guys trying to make a quick, cheap dollar off of consumers. 


Medical Readiness

All students are required to complete a Medical Questionnaire prior to taking this class.  If you do not have any scuba contraindications, you may take the class without having a scuba physical.  However, a physical exam and doctor’s approval is required for anyone who has had open heart surgery, a history of light asthma, heart and/or respiratory issues in the past. Your safety is number one. No exceptions will be made.  Please send us an email requesting our Medical Questionnaire prior to paying for the course.    



To take the Open Water Scuba Diver course you must be at least 10 years old by the first day of class, know how to swim, be able to do the “flutter kick,” and have or purchase your own mask and snorkel. The rest of the scuba gear will be provided to you at no extra cost.


Graduating the Course

The course has two parts: self study and practical skills / scuba diving.  The self study portion of the course is basically reading and/or eLearning and a final exam.  The practical skills portion of the course includes shallow water training and four open water dives.  During the course students will

name all parts of the scuba equipment;

learn how to put together and break down scuba gear appropriately;

demonstrate proper scuba equipment preparation and care;

demonstrate proper dive preparation and scuba safety;

practice, master, and demonstrate more than 24 scuba diving skills;

read all chapters of the textbook or e-Learning;

complete all quizzes and exams;  

complete 4 open water dives over three days; and

finish a 4 minute mask removal demonstrating self- control underwater.


Schedule of Classes

Take the three day course. 

The Open Water Scuba Diver Course is methodically three days long with each day of training being approximately 3 – 5 hours long, from 7 – 12 p.m. You have the option of taking the course three days consecutively, or you are welcome to join in on the second or last day of any of the other training sessions we have.    

Three day class schedule:

Friday, Saturday, Sunday; or

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.

From – $525.00 399.99  (certain restrictions apply)


Take the two day course. 

The O.D.A. Dive Center acknowledges the fact vacationers do not wish to spend most of their time in Hawaii doing a three day long scuba course. Therefore, we are offering a two day course for those who are short on time. The two-day-course is really three days of skills practice crammed into two days of training. If you prefer the two day course please be prepared to spend 4 – 7 hours training each day, from 7 – 2 p.m.   

Two day class schedule:

Saturday and Sunday; or

Tuesday and Wednesday

Tuition – $579.99  $449.99  (certain restrictions apply)


Take a private course.  

The O.D.A. PADI Dive Center is happy to offer private scuba diving lessons that coincide with your vacation schedule on Oahu.  

Tuition – $850.00  $649.99  (certain restrictions apply)


Finish your open water course with us. 

We take scuba referrals from all over the world on a day basis.  Whether you started your course years ago and finally got the time to finish up or started the course in cold water and would prefer to finish your certification in warm water, we’ve got you covered.   Here is what we have to offer for dive referrals:  

student has completed all confined water dives yet still needs to do 4 open water dives to complete the course. Tuition: $300.00;

student has completed all confined water dives and 2 open water dives yet still needs to do 2 more open water dives to complete the course. Tuition: $225.00.


Go on another underwater adventure with us. 

After completing the Open Water Scuba Diver course, increase your diving skills and explore new underwater environments by taking our Advanced Open Water Course