Scuba Refresher Dive Tour

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Scuba Refresher Dive Tour

Do you want to go diving but it’s been a while?  At the O.D.A. Scuba Center we have several options for you. If you still have your Open Water Textbook, all you may need to do is read through a few chapters to get up to speed.  Or if you don’t have your textbook you can purchase a PADI Scuba Tune-up textbook for $29.99.  The PADI Scuba Tune-up workbook has reading and quizzes to help refresh your knowledge. You can also take an online Scuba Refresher Course called “Re-Activate for $65.00.  This option comes with a new certification card.    


Dive Tour with Scuba Refresher

Please talk to your instructor and tell them exactly what areas of scuba diving you’d like for him or her to go over with you. If you feel you need you to review some basic scuba skills like mask clearing, regulator recover, etc., your instructor will be more than happy to practice with you. If you need help remembering how to put together today’s scuba gear because it’s been awhile since you last did it yourself, awesome! We can help you with that too. 

The price for the Scuba Refresher tour is the same as our Scuba Charter dive tour which is $145.00. 


Your Next Adventure

Increase your diving skills and sign up for either the Nitrox, Advanced, Rescue, or the Master Scuba Diver Course.