Boat Dive



Waikiki Boat Dives

Conveniently located just 10 minutes by car from Waikiki, our luxury boat is docked at the popular Kewalo Harbor.  We offer wreck dives in the early morning and reef dies in the afternoon.  Anyone certified scuba diver is welcome to join us for either trips. The boat has both female and male restrooms onboard. There is also water and refreshments, not to mention snacks give out between dives.  A full set of scuba gear is included with the tours at no extra cost to travelers.  We offer discount rates for groups of four or more as well as for local and military personell.  Notable marine animals are sea turtles, manta rays, moray eels, reef sharks, and most local Hawaiian fish.  


Price – $145 per person, $140.00 for three people, and $135.00 for four or more

Two Reef Dives

SCHEDULE: 11:30 AM to 2:00 PM

An easy dive. The reef dives we will take you to start at around 25 feet.  Depending on what direction we go from there, the dives can get deepr to about 60 feet or stay about the same depth.  The first dive site we will take you to is within view of Waikiki’s Beach called Turtle Reef, a famously frequented reef by both sea turtles, snorklers, and scuba divers.  There are turtles everywhere, so please bring your underwater camera. 

There are many reefs to scuba dive in Waikiki. Some of the reefs we dive after Turtle Reef are Nautilus Reef, Horse Shoe Reef, the Kewalo Pipeline, and a place called Secrets.  Where ever we take you, each reef has its own unique idiosyncricies and aquatic reef dwellers / sea-life.  Common creatures include moray eels, eagle rays, manta rays, sea turtles, reef sharks, dolphin pods, and occasionally whale sharks.  



One Wreck and One Reef Dive

SCHEDULE: 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM

Morning dive options include the infamous Sea Tiger, the YO257 and San Pedro shipwrecks on the door-step of Waikiki.  These wrecks range in depths from 90 to 120 feet deep and serve as artificial reefs for local Hawaiian marine life. The Sea Tiger and the YO257 shipwrecks have many swim throughs that are safe and fun for everyone.  After the wreck dive, we will take you to do a shallow reef dive before heading back to the harbor.   


Go on other adventures with us. 

Dive with mixed-air-gas Nitrox for an additional $25.00 (no certification required). Yes, just $25.00 total for two tanks of Nitrox–what a deal! Or take a Specialty Course like Peak Performance Buoyancy or Underwater Navigation. Ask our staff about other Specialty Courses we have to offer.