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Oahu Snorkel Tours

Enjoy an afternoon of snorkeling in Waikiki from a luxury Catamaran with Oahu Snorkel Tours. Especially fun for turtle lovers, our boat ties up next to a turtle cleaning station so you can snorkel near the sea turtles. Guests meet at the Kewalo Harbor. The boat’s captain and first mate give a briefing and explain the tour.  On route,  passengers enjoy a pleasant ride along the Waikiki shoreline taking in the panoramic view of Diamond Head mountain. 


Price — $65.00 per person.


Oahu Snorkeling Location

Turtle Reef is a sea turtle cleaning station just off Waikiki Beach. Here, Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles are seen suspended in water while being cleaned by the local fish–don’t forget to bring your Go Pro.


Departure & Return time

Oahu Snorkel Tours’ snorkel boat leaves the Kewalo Harbor at 3:15 p.m. and returns at around 5:15 p.m. 


Boat Name & Location

The boat is called the Kahala Kai.   Address: 1025 Ala Moana Blvd. Pier A Slip Zero.  Honolulu, Hawaii.   If you come in a rental car, please be sure to pay for parking $1.00 per hour.   Note: please arrive 20 minutes early to boat.  And don’t forget to bring a towel, a swim suit, sunscreen, and a valid I.D. 


Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle Facts

Native Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles are called “Honu.” They are the largest sea turtles in the world and grow up to four feet in length and weigh as much as 300 pounds.  Its upper shell ranges from brown with yellow and brown streaks to black with yellow and brown streaks.  The bottom shell is light yellow.  Adult Honu mainly feed on algae and sea grass. This is turns their internal fat layer green and is why they are called “Green Sea Turtles.” With lungs two-thirds as long as their carapace, it is believed they can stay underwater for as many as 5 hours depending on the size. Eyesight underwater is excellent; while above water they are reported to be nearsighted.