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Advanced Diver Course

The Advanced Scuba Diver course is a great path for newly certified scuba divers to take. It offers more scuba diving experiences that lay the groundwork for a solid scuba diving education. It helps to build confidence and enhances skills by introducing new and different diving activities such as underwater navigation, deep diving, search & recovery, wreck diving, night diving, and other fun activities to Scuba Divers.  Two (PADI) to three (NAUI) compulsory dives and three select elective dives are mandatory to complete this course. The Advanced Diver course is recommend for any certified scuba diver desiring additional training and exposure to a variety of diving sites and scenarios.  


 The Fun Part

The fun part is working together with your scuba instructor and learning more about each of the activities you will do for the course; not to mention getting to choose elective dives that most interest you and experiencing the excitement just before diving at a new location and the thrill of accomplishing new tasks underwater.


What You’ll Learn

Your instructor will work closely with you to help plan your adventure dives. While preparing for the underwater navigation dive you’ll learn how to read a compass, and how to measure distances underwater with the use of kick-cycles, the terrain, and a time-piece; you’ll learn how to prepare for a deep dive and how to cope with the effects of color loss and nitrogen narcosis at depth. These are only a few of the fun things you will get to participate in during the course.    


Who can take this course?

This course is open to all BSAC, CMAS, NAUI, PADI, SDI, SSI, etc. certified scuba divers who would like to become a NAUI or PADI Advanced Open Water Scuba Diver. The prerequisites for this course:

• be at least 12 years old; and

• be a certified scuba diver. 

Note: Junior certified scuba divers (aged 10 – 14) can take this course with permission from a parent.


Training Schedule

• independent study at home;

Day one: confined and two ocean training dives;

Day two: two ocean training dives; and

Day three: two ocean training dives and graduation.

**The maximum student to instructor ratio for this course is 4:1.**


Course Tuition

Deluxe Package — $420.80

     Three advanced dives from boat (and one free recreational boat dive); two advanced dives from shore — six dives total.  


Supreme Package — $520.80

     Five advanced dives from boat (and one free recreational boat dive) — six boat dives total. 


Tuition includes

• course syllabus;

• confined water training;

• required certification training dives;

• exposure suit: wetsuit;

• boots and fins;

• Buoyancy Compensation Device (BCD);

• regulators, submersible pressure and depth gauges;

• scuba tanks; and 

• ballast: lead weights.

Does not include

• Personal Gear: mask, snorkel; and

academic materials. 


Course Materials
Please take a look at the list of required academic materials for this course.  The list can be found below here.  You will need to purchase one of the sets from the list to complete the academic portion of this course. Academic sets can be purchased over the phone or in person at the O.D.A. Scuba Store. 


Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Each Adventure Dive you do for this course can be used for credit toward the first dive of its corresponding NAUI or PADI Specialty Diver Course.  And, if you’ve already taken a specialty diver course, ask your instructor if you’ve earned credit for an Adventure Dive. If you are already a PADI Adventure Diver, you only need to complete two more adventure dives to earn the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver certification and three more adventure dives to earn the NAUI Advanced Open Water Diver certification. 


Get College Credit!

Did you know that when you take the Advanced Scuba Diver Course you can earn up to 4 elective academic credits for college?  Speak to your academic advisor to find out how many elective credits you can earn toward you college degree by taking scuba diving courses.


Your Next Adventure
The deep dive and navigation dives as well as any elective dives you chose in order to complete your Advanced Open Water certification may be used as credit for one dive toward its corresponding Specialty certification like Compass Navigation and Deep Diver.