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Rescue Diver Course

     The rescue diver  course teaches scuba divers how to rescue themselves and other divers in the ocean.  Conducted either from shore or from boat or from both over the course of two days, students learn how to recognize pre-panick symptoms as well as how to effectively diffuse diving emergencies.  Student divers gain hands on experience from participating in mock rescue situations where they practice giving assists, transports, surface rescues, CPR, exit carries, and underwater rescues to both skin and to scuba divers.  If you’d like to gain skills that could one day save yours or someone else’s life, sign up for the Rescue Scuba Diver Course today.   


Who can take this course?

     This course is open to all certified BSAC, CMAS, NAUI, PADI, SDI, SSI, etc. scuba divers wishing to become a NAUI or PADI Rescue Scuba Diver. The prerequisites for this course:

(1) be at least 12 years old;

(2) be certified in CPR & First Aid within the past 24 months; and 

(3) be a certified scuba diver. 

**Minors 18 and under need a parent’s signature to take this course**


Course Tuition

Rescue Diver — $250.00

Advanced Rescue Diver — $350.00



• course syllabus

• two days of training

• exposure suit: wetsuit

• boots and fins

• Buoyancy Compensation Device (BCD)

• regulators, submersible pressure and depth gauges

• scuba tanks

• ballast: lead weights



• academic materials

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Training Schedule

• Independent home study and knowledge development

• Day one: classroom and confined water sessions

• Day two: ocean water sessions

**The maximum student to instructor ratio for this course is 4:1.**


Get College Credit!

     Did you know that when you take the Rescue Diver course you can earn up to 4 or more elective academic credits for college?  Speak to your college’s academic advisor to find out how many elective credits you can earn toward your college degree when taking a scuba diving course. 


Your Next Adventure
     If you are taking the Rescue Diver course, you may consider taking a First Aid for Hazardous Marine Life Injuries or an Emergency Oxygen provider course from us to help further your Rescue Diver abilities.