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Skin Diver

Snorkeling and skin diving are very popular in Hawaii.  The Oahu Diving Association is teaching avid snorkelers the art of skin diving.  What is skin diving? Skin diving is more than just swimming in the ocean with snorkel gear. It is knowing how to properly prepare for a diving excursion, knowing proper dive and breath-hold techniques, knowing the ocean environment, equipment, basic physiological effects related to depth, proper weighting procedures, and safety precautions. This is a great class for swimmers, scuba divers, and people interested in freediving.  In fact, skin diving is often confused with the sport of free-diving.  The difference? Freedivers are stationary, meaning they practice diving for depth along a rope in open water.  Skin divers on the other hand roam the ocean freely checking out the aquatic life and sites. If this sounds like what you are looking for, give the Oahu Diving Association a call. 


The Fun Part

The best part of taking a skin diving course is learning what skin diving is all about, making new friends, diving in the ocean, and being able to share your adventure with others. 


What You’ll Learn

 This is a one-day certification course covering the fundamental aspects of skin diving. It is a challenging yet education experience. Students learn a about applied ocean sciences, skin diving equipment, dive safety, ocean environments, skin diving techniques, and preparation for diving activities.    


Diver’s Prerequisites

 Skin Diving is a safe sport. But, since it takes place in water, in order to take the class students must meet the following criteria:  

• know how to swim;

• can do the flutter kick; and

• be 8 years old or older.

**Minors 18 and under need a parent’s signature to take this course**


Training Schedule

• Day one: confined training and two ocean training dives

**The maximum student to instructor ratio for this course is 4:1.**


Course Tuition

Price – $115.00


Get College Credit!

Did you know that when you take the skin diver course you may earn elective academic credits for college?  Speak to your college’s academic advisor to find out how many elective credits you can earn toward your college degree when you take the NAUI Skin Diver Course.  


Your Next Adventure

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