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NAUI Instructor Training Course

Course Description

Candidates earn a NAUI Instructor rating through hard work, discipline, and commitment; but are rewarded with a job that lets them share incredible underwater adventures with others. The NAUI Instructor Training Course (ITC) is designed to train NAUI Instructor candidates to teach skin and scuba diving courses. The NAUI ITC is made up of two sections.  The first week (phase one) of the ITC is the Instructor Training Program or ITP.  Here, candidates undergo training that helps mold them into NAUI Instructors. The second week (phase two) is called the Instructor Qualification Course, or IQP. This is where aspiring NAUI Scuba Instructors get to demonstrate what they’ve learned by passing graded dive briefings, classroom, confined water, and open water teaching presentations.


The Fun Part

The fun part of this course is the transformation process. Presentations are intimidating to everyone. But, after a few of them the anxiety goes away, and you soon see yourself becoming a pro at them. The friendships you’ll make and the bonds you’ll form during the course will last you a lifetime.


What You’ll Learn

As a NAUI Instructor Candidate you will learn more about dive safety, how to teach NAUI courses, different methods for teaching, and topics related to the business of scuba diving. As you progress through the course you will learn more about people and more about yourself and value of becoming a dive leader.


Who can take this course?

Divemasters and Assistant Scuba Instructors from BSAC, CMAS, NAUI, PADI, SDI, SSI, etc. who meet the following prerequisites:

• Minimum age is 18 years old

• 60 logged dives

• Nitrox certification

• Emergency Oxygen Provider certification

• First Aid for Diving Professionals (DFA Pro) certified

• Pass the NAUI Instructor Pre-qualification Exam


Course Tuition

DELUXE PACKAGE — $1,949.95

Includes training, academic materials, tanks and weights, and certification. Does not include scuba equipment and boat charters. 


SUPREME PACKAGE — $3, 134.78

Includes training, academic materials, tanks, weights, rental scuba gear, certification, and boat charters. 

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Cross-overs from other agencies are welcome to become NAUI Scuba Instructors as long as they are still in good standing with their home agency and meet the aforementioned prerequisites. The NAUI Scuba Instructor Cross-over Course is $1,298.00.  


Get College Credit!

Did you know that when you take a scuba diver course you can earn up to 4 elective academic credits for college?  Speak to your academic advisor to find out how many elective credits you can earn toward you college degree by taking scuba diving courses.


Your Next Adventure
Once you become a scuba instructor, you are going to want to be able to teach extended learning and specialty course. To do so, you will need to first be certified in the courses you’d like to teach.  Check out our Drysuit Course, Wreck Diver Course, and Sidemount Courses.   

Short History

Carry on the legacy of the world’s first recreational and legendary dive agency, the National Association of Underwater Instructors.  NAUI began in Los Angeles, California back 1959 and conducted the first nationally accepted Instructor course in 1960. Throughout history NAUI has contributed the most to the world of scuba diving. Ralph Erickson, for example, began as a NAUI Scuba Instructor (#35) before creating PADI with John Cronin in 1966. Bev Morgan, the co-founder of the Kirby-Morgan full faced mask was a NAUI Scuba Instructor. Commander George Bond, and Captain Jacques-Yves Cousteau were board members. The list goes on and on.  Aside from creating the first standardized recreational scuba diving instructors’ course, NAUI also created the first Divemaster course (1976), and was the first to tell the public it was o.k. to dive with nitrox (1992).  When you sign up for the NAUI Instructor course, you are not just signing up to become a scuba instructor, you are signing up to become a part of dive history.


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