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Deep Diver

     Explore the mysteries of the deep.  Whether it’s a giant fan, a sponge, a spellbinding sea-creature you saw in the abyss while diving along side a seawall somewhere or just your mere obsession with wanting to plunge past 60 feet, there is just something about the ocean that makes us want to dive deeper and deeper.  Wreck and site exploration, deep photography and marine life identification are a few reasons why scuba divers like to dive deeper.  


The Fun Part

     The fun part of this course is getting to explore deeper, taking part in deep diving activities, and experiencing the effects of nitrogen narcosis after 90 feet deep. It’s exhilarating!


What You’ll Learn

     You will learn about the effects of gas narcosis, emergency decompression stops, the importance of deep safety stops, buddy contact, neutral buoyancy, dive planning, uncontrollable ascents, how to cope with an up welling while at depth, and more.


Diver Prerequisites     

     This course is open to all certified BSAC, CMAS, NAUI, PADI, SDI, SSI, etc. Adventure and Advanced Divers whose goal is to become a NAUI or PADI Deep Diver.   The prerequisites for this course:

• minimum 15 years old

• minimum of 12 open water dives

• minimum of 8.5 hours bottom time 


Course Tuition 

$400.00 + Tax

• Includes 4 deep dives from boat.  


Tuition includes

• course syllabus;

four certification training dives;

• exposure suit: wetsuit;

• boots and fins;

• Buoyancy Compensation Device (BCD);

• regulators, submersible pressure and depth gauges;

• scuba tanks; and 

• ballast: lead weights.

Does not include

• personal Gear — mask, snorkel, or academic materials.


Course Materials
 When purchasing the Deep Diver course, you will need to purchase either a book set or an online e-Learning course to complete the academic portion of the program. To see what academic materials are available for this course, please visit the required materials button below.

Req. Materials

Your Next Adventure

     After completing the Deep Diver specialty, why not try another specialty course like Fish I.D. or Side-mount Diver? on your way to Master Scuba Diver.