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Fish I.D. Diver

     “I wonder what that fish is?” is something divers often ask themselves.  Knowing the names of a fish or the species it belongs to may earn you brownie points among fellow divers.  Not to mention, knowing what you’re looking at underwater makes diving much more enjoyable, especially if you can identify which fish family a fish belongs to.


What You’ll Learn

     In the Fish I.D. course, you will learn some strategies and techniques for precisely doing fish surveys.  You will learn how recognize fish underwater and then categorize them into specific species for reference. For example, a butterfly fish in Hawaii has a similar shape to a butterfly fish in Okinawa, but the colors and markings may be uniquely different. If you know what fish family it belongs to, you will be able to look it up and find out more the fish in question. 


The Fun Part

     Doing some fish surveys, identifying specific characteristics of fish, and being able to categorize them into the appropriate fish family is an awesome discovery. 


Diver Prerequisites

• minimum 10 years old

• certified Open Water Scuba Diver 


Course Tuition

     Two options are available for this course: 

Regular Package — $249.95 + Tax

     Includes two training dives from shore. 


Deluxe Package — $349.95 + Tax

     Includes two training dives from boat. 


Tuition includes

• course syllabus;

• two required certification training dives;

• exposure suit: wetsuit;

• boots and fins;

• Buoyancy Compensation Device (BCD);

• regulators, submersible pressure and depth gauges;

• scuba tanks; and

• ballast: lead weights.

Does not include 

• personal Gear: mask, snorkel; and

academic materials. 


Course Materials

     When you sign up for the PADI Project Aware Fish I.D. course you’ll also need to purchase a “Reef Starter Kit — Everything You Need to Survey” for $25.00 ( This kit can be purchased at Oahu Diving Association’s scuba store located inside the lobby of the Ala Moana Hotel.   


Your Next Adventure

     Once you complete the Fish I.D. specialy course, why not try another specialty course like Navigation Diver or Night Diver?  Each specialty you do can be used towards earning the coveted Master Diver rating.