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Full Face Mask Diver

     Diving with full face mask is an entirely new experience.  With a full face mask (or integrated diving mask), divers can add communications options so that they can communicate underwater.  IDMs are growing in popularity due to the freedom of communication they give divers at depth, especially among technical divers, military divers, and marine biologists. The purpose of this course is to train certified divers how to properly and safely use a Full Face Mask / Integrated Diving Mask.  


What You’ll Learn

     The full face mask (FFM) course teaches divers about proper gear configuration with a full face mask, mask features, mask types, and mask uses. It also teaches divers they, too, can talk like Darth Vadar underwater—Kidding! Seriously, students are taught how to deal with emergency situations in the event of a FFM malfunction as well as taught emergency procedures and underwater communication.  


The Fun Part

     In the full-face mask course you will get to do 2 dives with your Jedi scuba instructor from a boat and practice skills related to FFM scuba diving. You get to practice rescue skills, how to use the “Force,” and hand signals. All while using a full mask that allows you to see the underworld from a different perspective.  Student-divers first practice using an IDM in confined water.  Once they demonstrate competence in confined water, they progress to the open sea to complete the course.   


Diver Prerequisites
• minimum 15 years old; and

• Open Water Scuba Diver certified.  


Course Tuition

$299.95 + Tax


Tuition includes

• course syllabus;

• confined water training;

• required certification training dives;

• exposure suit: wetsuit;

• boots and fins;

• Buoyancy Compensation Device (BCD);

• scuba tanks; and

• ballast: lead weights.

Does not include

• Personal Gear: full face mask, snorkel;

• regulators, submersible pressure and depth gauges; and

 or academic materials.


Course Materials
     When signing up for the Full Face Mask Diver course you will need to purchase either a book set or an online e-Learning course to complete the academic portion of the program. To see what academic materials are available for this course, please visit the required materials button below.

Your Next Adventure
     After completing the Full-Face-Mask specialty course, why not try another specialty like Search & Recovery or Side-mount diver?  Each specialty you do can be used towards earning your Master Diver rating.