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Night Diver Specialty

     Whether you’re a lobster hunter, an adventure diver, or just curious about what kinds of animals lurk beneath the surface at night, no mistake about it, night diving is both fun and exciting.  Everything you will learn in the night diving course will prepare you for more future night diving excursions.  By the end of this course all of your preconceptions about night divign–if any–will be vanquished, and you will feel confident about night diving with friends.   


What you’ll Learn

     As a night diver you will learn about the hazards of night diving, gear preparation, ocean conditions at night, entry and exit procedures, emergency procedures, nocturnal sea creatures, and night diving equipment.   


The Fun Part

     Bumping into a great white shark in the dark abyss is the biggest excitement you will ever have in your life! – Kidding!  Although many people have preconceived notions of night diving being scary, you will find that night diving can be rather comforting and safe.  Being able to watch the bioluminescence and spy sea creatures that only come out at night is the best part of night diving. 


Diver Prerequisites

• be 15 years old; and

• be a certified scuba diver. 


Course Tuition   

Regular Package: $199.95 + Tax

Includes two dives from shore.

Deluxe Package: $300.00 + Tax

Includes two dives from boat.


Tuition includes

• course syllabus;

• required certification training dives;

• exposure suit: wetsuit;

• boots;

• Buoyancy Compensation Device (BCD);

• regulators, submersible pressure and depth gauges;

• scuba tanks; and

• ballast: lead weights.

Does not include

• Personal Gear: mask, snorkel, fins;

• main flashlight, back up flashlight, marker light: and

academic materials.  


Your Next Adventure

     After completing the Night Diver specialty course, why not try another specialty like Drysuit Diver or Side-mount diver?  Each specialty you do can be used towards earning your Master Diver rating.