Search & Recovery Diver | Oahu Diving Association

Search & Recovery

     Perhaps you lost something during a dive, or may be your dive buddy did, but you didn’t know how to look for it.  Or may be you’d just like to learn how to effectively search for and find something you’ve lost or some place that’s difficult to find. If so, this is the right course for you.  Let’s face it, scuba diving is an equipment intensive sport, meaning divers’s minds are often preoccupied with many tasks underwater to the point they easily get distracted or lose things.  Knowing how to find the things you lose can save you money. 


Diver Prerequisites

• Be at least 12 years old and be certified as an Advanced Diver.  


What You’ll Learn

     In this course students are taught specific search and recovery techniques, how to plan a safe and effective search and recovery dive, and how to pinpoint a lost object from the surface. Students are also taught the potential hazards associated with search and recovery activities as well as which search and recovery techniques to use for certain types of objects in specific types of environments.  


The Fun Part

     Taking what you’ve learn and applying it to real, hypothetical scenarios as part of your class objective is great hands on experience. Mastering search patterns, finding an object underwater, tying various knots, and using a lift bag to make an object neutrally buoyant is all part of the fun stuff adventure divers love to do.     


Your Next Adventure

     After completing the Search & Recovery specialty course, why not try another specialty like Full Face Mask Diver or Drysuit Diver?  Each specialty you do can be used towards earning your Master Diver rating.