Sidemount Diving | Oahu Diving Association

Side-mount Diver

     This is a recreational side mount course designed to teach student-divers how to dive using two scuba cylinders.  Students learn more in detail about side mount diving through their textbooks and/or elearnings.  First students practice diving side-mount in confined water and do two open sea dives to complete the course.


Diver Prerequisites

• minimum 15 years old;

• logged 25 dives;

• Nitrox Diver certification; and

• Advanced Diver certification.


What You’ll Learn

     This course provides divers with the fundamental knowledge and skills necessary to gain experience and minimize risk while conducting open water dives utilizing a sidemount scuba equipment configuration within the no decompression limits. Students learn side-mount equipment configurations, correct ballasting and buoyancy control for side-mounted cylinders;, water entry and exit procedures, including side-mounted cylinder attachment considerations, buoyancy requirements for underwater cylinder removal and replacement, gas management with independent cylinders, gas sharing with side-mounted
cylinders, task loading, stress, and perceptual narrowing.


The Fun Part

     Getting to don, use, practice with side-mount equipment for the first time, and dive longer than usual underwater is exciting.  


Your Next Adventure

     After completing the Side-mount Diver specialty course, why not try another specialty like Wreck Diver or Boat Diver?  Each specialty you do can be used towards earning your Master Diver rating.