Discover Scuba Diving


Discover Scuba Diving Adventure Tour

The “Discover Scuba Diving” activity is perfect for people who are not certified scuba divers yet want to go scuba diving in Hawaii.  To go scuba diving you must first sign up.  Next you will be taught the basic fundamentals of scuba diving. Afterwards you will board our luxury boat, don scuba gear, practice a few fundamental skills and go diving with one of our licensed Scuba Instructors. Sound fun? Well, it is. Sign up today and let’s go diving!   


Make a Reservation

Making a reservation is easy.  All you need to do is call (808) 312 – 3096.  You can also book online or visit our retail store at the Ala Moana Hotel.  The only requirements to participate in scuba diving are (1) know how to swim and be able to do the Flutter Kick, and (2) be at least 10 years old and have permission from a parent or guardian.   


Dive Rates

All reservations include two dives for $150.00 per person.

***Two boat trip dives with practice in confined water prior to the trip – $175.00***

** Boat Passengers or snorkelers – $65.00



Orientation Sessions are usually held the day prior to scuba diving at our facility.   Parents and children as well as adults who will participate must watch an introduction and safety video.  If you are unable to visit our store to watch the video, we will gladly make arrangements for you to meet with your instructor prior to diving for an orientation.


Diving Format

(1) The Scuba Instructor(s) will assemble and arrange scuba equipment at the pool, boat, or the shore side for all participants.

(2) Instructor(s) will provide an overview of the diving activity.

* Dive briefing: Your instructor(s) will introduce and explain the use of a mask, fins, buoyancy control device (BCD), regulator and pressure gauge. He or she will also review any other equipment participants will wear – exposure protection, weight system, alternate air source, etc. if necessary.

(3) Prior to entering the water, your scuba instructor will review breathing rules and equalization techniques, as well as regulator and mask clearing.

(4) The Instructor will also provide an overview of essential safety information and how to perform the basic scuba skills.

(5) Entering the water: Oceanus Divers’ Instructor and/or Dive Master will assist participants in putting on and adjusting their scuba equipment.

(6) An O.D.A. Scuba Instructor will directly supervise participants as they breathe underwater and swim around. When comfortable, an O.D.A. Scuba Instructor and/or Dive Master will take the participants on tours in deeper water as appropriate.


Get Certified!

Now that you’ve experienced scuba diving, why not get certified? Check out our scuba diving courses to learn more about your educational options.  Once you become a certified scuba diver, your certification is for life.  You will be able to use it any time, anywhere, and anyplace to go scuba diving.  Contact our office for further details.